Wednesday, February 19

Breastfeeding Diaries

Today I am over at The girl in the red shoes talking about my breastfeeding journey so far.

Check it out HERE.

Also, I am have been MIA lately. Life has been crazy! Riley is 5 months and on the move. Brayden has been having some seizures and had an MRI and botox last week. We bought a house and we close next week. Like I said, crazy!! I promise for more updates and pictures soon. I do keep up with my Instagram (heatherhelvey).

Monday, December 30

Baby Weight

Loosing the baby weight the second time around has been one of the hardest things I've ever done. Only third to having a sick child and my high risk pregnancy with Riley. 

The day I found out I was pregnant (12-31-12) 154lbs

The day I delivered (9-10-13) 39w4d. 202lbs

One year later (12-30-13) 16 weeks postpartum. 176lbs

My magical thinking was that it would just melt off because I am nursing. Not so! I am not one of those woman who don't look like they had a baby the next week. 

I was on bed rest for 5 months so my body muscle went to crap and then I had to recover from a c section so getting back into shape has been a process in itself. I have been working out 4-6 days a week since 7 weeks postpartum (currently 16w pp). I have built up muscle and gotten back into overall better shape but the damn scale is taunting me. My clothes fit better, yes. Muscle weighs more than fat, yes. I feel better, yes. But I so just want to see the rewards on the scale. 

I am currently eating by my blood type (A). I cut out cow dairy and red meat. And I have been gluten free for 2.5 years. I feel good but I want the weight gone. The whole it's a patient kills me. I am fighting it to the death. 

I need and want to except this is my body right now. Embrace it. I'll get there, just be patient and keep at it. I keep telling myself this.

I have been wearing maternity jeans the past 4 months in hopes my old jeans would fit soon. I broke down and bought real jeans in 2 sizes bigger and sold my maternity jeans on ebay. Step one in embracing this body.

And really when I step back and see all the hard work I put into staying pregnant for 39 weeks (when my Dr told me I would likely have another preemie) and now having my healthy baby was all worth it and I'd do it all again to have her. I am so grateful for what my body did. Also that she has only had breast milk is so rewarding, my body is awesome!

And in the mean time...loosing baby weight is a bitch!
 'Patience patience patience'

I'd love to hear when you got back down to pre-baby weight. How long did it take? How was the process for you?

Wednesday, December 18

Catch up

Our holiday season has been great so far. We wanted to make a point to focus on us and our family and what we want. Makes for a much less stressful holiday season. 

We are excited for our first xmas as a family of four and having Riley's first xmas.

So what are we up to....

I celebrated my 31st birthday (12-9). I was gifted a spa day from my family and it was heaven. I decided to chop 6in off my hair and do some ombre. Love it. Change is good.

I have been working out like crazy and my scale isn't moving. Loosing the baby weight has been such a process for me. It has taken me awhile to get back in shape from being on bed rest and I feel good. I gained 48lbs during pregnancy and I have 22 to go.

I am still nursing. It's going really well, Riley has only had breast milk and that makes me proud. We plan to see how she is at 5 months and maybe start introducing foods. Babies dont need anything other than breast milk until 6 mo so we may wait until then, no rush.

I recently started the blood type diet. My mom has been doing it since April and lost weight and has noticed a huge difference. So far I feel great, I do notice more energy and my skin has really changed (I am prone to breakouts). I am already GF and my type (A) suggests no (cow) dairy so that's been the biggest change. Good thing creamer is dairy free and I love goat cheese. We'll see how it goes.

 D is getting over the flu/food poisoning. We aren't sure what it was. he doesn't have much time off over xmas but we plan to enjoy our long weekend.

Brayden has been doing well. He's adjusted to his sister and life at school. He loves school!! We see such a change in him wanting to explore his world more and gaining more awareness. 

He has recently been having issues with drool, our Dr said this may be an issue. He has a bad rash on his face from the drool/cold weather. We are going to try a Rx and see if it helps him.

He is having a 24 hour EEG on Friday. They are setting him up at our home. This is just routine to check to make sure he isn't having seizures we can't see.

Miss Riley is changing everyday. She has brought us so much joy. We are currently working on sleeping/napping/self soothing. She is doing well getting on a's still a work in process. I have been asked to put a post together on our process, coming soon.

She is so aware and alert lately and grabbing toys. Everything is in her mouth now! She just learned to suck her thumb last night. The baby babble is so cute, she likes to chat after nursing.

Sunday, December 15

Happy Holidays and a Birth Announcement

Hope you are having a magical holiday season!

Thursday, December 12

3 months old (and MIA)

I guess I really have been MIA when I noticed my last post was Riley's 2 mo pictures, LOL. 

Riley is 3 months old!!! Big girl is growing so fast.

Wearing 3-6mo Gap/ON and 6mo Carters. Diapers size 2.

She likes to sit (assisted). Her head control is awesome. Drool machine (teething but no sign of a tooth). She just started talking up a storm, especially after nursing she wants to chat it up. Always finds the TV, she is obsessed. Rolls from tummy to back. Starting to like tummy time more, reaches for toys.

We have starting to teach her to self sooth to sleep and start to sort of get into a routine. She sleeps about 7-10 hours, eats then goes back down for another 2-3. Twice she slept 12 hours straight. She is napping in her crib 3x a day. Swing/lap short nap at night. Hoping the naps go to two long naps a day. She loves her loveys. We move them at night after she falls asleep.

She is so much more awake and alert and has the sweetest personality and bit of sass. We just adore her.