Thursday, April 28

8 Months Old...and a WINNER

B turned 8 months old (5 months adjusted). Time is flying! He is doing so well and PT/OT is really helping his development. He smiles all the time. Considering all he has been through we are so glad he is so happy.

His bottom tooth(teeth) is almost in. I feel like any day now. I can't see anything but his gums are swollen and he has been fussy at night. He likes Orajel.

16 lbs 3 oz
26" long

And the giveaway winner of an 8x10 custom canvas is....

A Bride in Boots

Congrats!! Send me your email and I'll pass the info along.

Tuesday, April 26

Mother's Day GIVEAWAY-Canvas

I have an awesome giveaway for my readers....a canvas from Easy Canvas Prints.

I love making canvas to hang in our home. They are so classy and fun. This is one of our wedding prints.

This site allows you to easily upload your high res image and make your own canvas prints.

We are giving away an 8x10 custom canvas to the winner. Simply leave a me a comment and friend them on facebook (

Winner will be announced this Thursday (28th). Good luck!!

Site Review-Coupon Chief

I have recently been asked to review and have quickly become an avid user. This is a site where you can go and search over 15,000 stores for great deals on everything. I recently used a 20% off at Old Navy for some clothes for B. I even had the lady behind me in line ask where I got my coupon from.

I never have time to cut coupons in the paper and half the time I never even know the stores have deals going on. This online site is a great and quick way to get deals.

Check them out!

Monday, April 25

Tea and Easter Sunday

We had a wonderful Easter weekend with our families. Too much fun means this mom is not feeling too hot today. D had to take B to therapy this morning so I could get some extra rest.

Saturday we did tea at The Drake downtown Chicago. My mom and I go every year and this year we (dragged) the boys and little B. It was fun and the men admitted they enjoyed it. B was very well behaved per usually. He is such a good baby.

Sunday we had Easter dinner at my in laws house. My mom joined us, my step dad had to fly to China for work that morning. It was so fun to watch my niece Zoe hunt for eggs.  Next year B can join her and they can fight over them, lol. B got lots of goodies and a new Discovery learning toy I can't wait to bust out. B looked so handsome in his little sweater vest.

Friday, April 22

Nuerosurgery follow up

Today we had our follow up with B's neurosurgeon and an MRI. We saw him last month and he noticed a large fluid pocket in B's head that was not draining with the shunt as it should. We knew that surgery was a real possibility and we have just been waiting for the 'when' to operate.

We reviewed the MRI with B's surgeon and the fluid pocket is gone!! There was always a small chance it would go away and low and's gone. No surgery and no more MRI's for a while. Next appointment is in 6 months.

Another miracle/ prayers answered for B. This is the first time that D and I aren't waiting for test results, scan results, impending surgery/ hospital stay. We finally have a healthy baby. Our biggest worry is when will B's first tooth come in and keeping cold germs away. It's a great feeling! We can breath!

Happy Good Friday! It certainly is a good Friday!

 Special baby gown for the MRI

 Long day...sleepy B

Thursday, April 21


Figured it was time for an honesty dump....

*I have been so blah blogging lately and have become one of those 'I wont blog about just my baby when he's born'. Yeah guilty!

*I am obsessed with Shellac, no chip manicure. I go religiously every 2 weeks for a new one. I look forward to my 'dates' with my nail lady Jamie.

*My son still sleeps in our bed, in a co-sleeper bed. I always turned up my nose to the co-sleeping moms when I was pregnant and now I am one with no plans for crib sleeping anytime soon. He loves it and it works for us. (Trust me he has plenty of room in his sleeper. He just manages to always scoot down to the bottom.)

*I am getting tattoo #8 (maybe #9 too) tomorrow night. Post to come.

*I am crazy silly madly obsessed in love with my son.

*I met with a new OBGYN and she told me I have a 14% chance of having another preemie. My chances of even having one was 9% so 14% is a lot. We may not have any more kids. We have tabled it until next year to discuss and research more. Even though I already have boy-girl names LOL.

*Our dog Bella is still living with my parents. I miss her and it's so much easier to watch B sans Bella. She will be coming home soon though.

*I am still up 7 pounds from baby and I am in no hurry to drop it. I like my new curves, I have earned them.

*I don't know what moms did before Google. I am on it daily it seems like.

*I wash my hands 25+ times a day. Germs around my son freak me out. I am told it's a normal preemie mom thing.

*I haven't been to the movie theater since before B was born. Good thing for On Demand!

*I have already started planning B's birthday party....4 months away.

*I love America's Next Top Model, always have. I think I am the only person who actually likes Tyra.

*I am obsessed with Kiehl's products. I even switched to there shampoo.

Monday, April 18


We have entered into the dreaded teething stage. B is 5 months (adjusted) so we are right on track...even though I didn't get a tooth until I was 13 months. My niece and husband both popped teeth at 6 months.

B is doing all the classic signs. Face rubbing, drool (oh the drool), chin rash, fever spikes for like 5 minutes, tongue constantly feeling his lower gums, and diarrhea. The diarrhea freaked me out but my pediatrician assures me B is just fine.

In OT (occupational therapy) we are working on teaching B to put (teething) toys in his mouth to help with the pain. He is slowly learning and right now prefers his hands. It's a work in progress.

I here babies can start to teeth and don't pop teeth till months later. I feel like any day now I will see a little white cap coming in. We shall see. My little man is growing too fast. I feel like teeth make them so much older, not my little infant anymore. He's my big baby!

So baby orajel, frozen teethers, and teething rattles standing by....tooth watch has begun!

When did your little ones get their first tooth? Did anyone have issues with diarrhea?

Sunday, April 17

The Brayden Bunch

We walked!! It was an amazing day to celebrate Brayden and all the other babies there. Our team raised over $5400 for the March of Dimes.

It was a bit cold and windy but sunny and no rain!! D did a great job speaking about Brayden and our story, brought me to tears.

We love this cause and I am so happy we were able to be a part of this day.

Wednesday, April 13

This weekend we walk

This weekend is the March for Babies walk. I have been waiting for this day since I created our team, The Brayden Bunch, back in early January.

I remember sitting on the computer in B's ICU room creating a team for B and I was unsure if he would be there to walk with us. It was emotional and with hope I knew B would be with us on this day. We got another miracle as B pulled through sickness, again!

Sunday I am walking to celebrate my little man and all he has been through. I am walking to make sure no one else has to endure what he has. I walk to ensure that no other families have to see what we have seen. I walk for healthy babies!

With the help of friends and family we have blown our goal of $2000 out of the water and to date have raised $3350 for the March of Dimes. I am so proud to give this money to help in the fight.

I know I will be emotional this weekend. Seeing other preemies. Seeing the 'in memory of' for all those that were lost in there battle. Being surrounded by other preemie parents. Speaking to the crowd about our story.

We have been through so much. We have seen things a parent should never have to. I have prayed desperately for my son to just live and stay here with me. My prayers were answered and this day is our culmination of sadness, heartache, and celebration of his life. Celebrate our son while still honoring our journey. As rough as it was, it was reality for us. We lived it and came out on top with our miracle next to us.

I am so proud to be doing this and giving money to a wonderful cause. I am so proud of B. This is his day. I walk for him.

 4 days old

 Meningitis (round 1)

 Meningitis (round 2)

 Meningitis (round 3)

 Shunt surgery

 Saying goodbye before surgery

Happy, Healthy, and Home!

(This is the first time I have posted pictures from when he was sick. I never posted them before because they are quite scary looking, IVs, breathing tube, swollen. I want to share them to show just how far he has come.)

Monday, April 11

Big Boy Changes

B is growing like a weed and quickly becoming a 'big boy'. He was given the OK to go off his preemie formula and onto a regular formula. It's common for preemies to be on it for the first year but B is gaining weight like a champ.  75th% for his adjusted age of 4.5 months. We are trying Similac Organic and so far so good.

We bought a big boy car seat as B is quickly growing out of his infant carrier. He is still a little small and doesn't quite have his head control down so we will switch over in about a month. He looks so tiny in the big car seat. Thank you again to my dad for the new purchase!! We love it!

B has really started reaching and grabbing at toys. We have been working hard at in occupational therapy. He loves his playmat!!

He has been 'talking' a lot more and making new noises that I just adore. He sounds so cute. I wonder what he's saying?

Thursday, April 7

Busy busy

I feel like I have been super busy this week. I have family in town, taking B to therapy, keeping up with the normal routine....I'm tired!! I took a bath and passed out at 8pm last night. Yeah old mom here, LOL.

I think Sunday D and I will be napping and spending time at home!!

In other news, B is doing really well. No signs of needing another surgery. Hopefully it never comes. His MRI is in 2 weeks so we can see the growth of the fluid pocket. Best case it's the same or smaller!!

Some recent B...

Tuesday, April 5

Ambassador Family

I have been contacted by our March of Dimes walk coordinator and have been asked to be the ambassador family for our walk on the 17th. She said Brayden and our family are a perfect fit and represent the March of Dimes and there mission.

I am beyond honored!! I have put so much effort into this walk and our team, all to celebrate my little man!!

We will be apart of the opening ceremony and leading the walk. We will be speaking that day and sharing our story. We will sign releases so MOD can use us and our pictures if they choose. We will possibly be speaking at other MOD events throughout the year as well. Very cool, I am so excited!!

We are reaching above and beyond our goal and want to see how much we can raise for this cause. If you would like to make a donation to our team, The Brayden Bunch please click here.

Friday, April 1

Go Cubs Go!

Happy Chicago Cubs home opener!! B is ready for the game and for a (hopefully) awesome Cubs season. New players, new coach....?? Maybe the stars will align this season and FINALLY give us a win!!

Happy Friday...let's get some runs!