Wednesday, November 30

25 Days

Christmas is only 25 days away...and tomorrow is December...craziness. I will be 29 in 10 days. Lots to be excited for!

Blocks found on Etsy here

Little man was so sleepy yesterday after his therapy, they work him out good. He started eating his bottle and fell asleep within 30 seconds and slept for an hour (usually he takes 3-30min naps a day). Such a cute sleeper! And B's got some crazy long curly hair!!! I need to cut it soon!

Sunday, November 27

Christmas came early

We finally bought a car!!! It only took us dragging our feet for 6 weeks but she is here!

We chose a silver 2010 Mazda 6. I love the car. It's a little bigger than the Jetta and fits the car seat much better. It only has 50k miles and it's in great condition.

We downloaded a music touch app for B, as suggested by his therapist, and he likes it. He loves music!

B is also 15 months old today!!! Where is the time going? Seriously! He has a check up next weekend and I will post his stats. I'm thinking he's almost 25lb and super long!

Happy Sunday...we have enjoyed the long weekend!

Friday, November 25

The Feast!

I love Thanksgiving weekend. Four days with the hubby home and relaxing! We are seeing Twilight tonight while my parents watch B. I am like a little teenage excited girl! Funny fact though, I have never read the books and D has read them twice. LOL, I call him a nerdy girl! And as much as I love shopping I do not go near the malls on Black Friday. Five minutes with that crowd of people and I'm pretty sure I would end up killing someone, I hate crowds! My mom did hit up the online deals for B today though. FYI for the moms, Caters online deals are the same as in store today 50% off everything.

Yesterday did not disappoint with the feast! We went to my parents and it was nice to have a small dinner with the five of us. We brine our turkey and it is super yummy. I ate a ton yesterday and took two naps, ha, yes two! The whole meal was gluten free, except the crescent rolls we made for the guys.

 Best place for a nap!

 I know many people toss out the bag of 'nasty stuff' inside the turkey but it's the best part! The neck is the best meat on the turkey!! 

 'Frida' our 20 lb turkey. Tons and tons of leftovers!

 Honey glazed brussel sprouts.

 Mushroom gravy.

 My grandmothers recipe for cranberry fruit salad. SOOOO yummy!

 Baked sweet potatos with Fluff. If you haven't tried this you must!

 B's spent!

Pumpkin cream cheese cake. AMAZING!!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Now onto Christmas. On the drive home last night we saw all the houses lit up already and B wore his xmas jammies. 30 days!

Thursday, November 24


Happy Thanksgiving!

We have so much to be thankful for this year. B has been home and healthy since February. We have an amazing team of therapist that work with him. Our family has been healthy. I am able to stay home with little man. We have a 4 day weekend to spend together. And we have an amazing gluten free dinner to look forward to.

I love Thanksgiving dinner and best of all...left overs!I am excited to try the new (gf) recipe we found for a pumpkin cream cheese cake!

Have a wonderful Turkey Day!

Monday, November 21

You snooze you lose!

Well we had plans to go see the Mazda we liked on Tuesday and last night we saw online it had SOLD. Bummer. Back to the drawing board I guess.

I think we are set on a Mazda 6 now. Not that any of us have ever owned a Mazda but I hear good things.

Does anyone have a Mazda they would like to give some feedback? Good or bad?

Friday, November 18

One year old, adjusted that is, and coming home

Today, Nov 18th, was my due date last year. While B is almost 15 months old, his adjusted age is now one!

With preemies they pretty  much stop using the adjusted age after two for weight and development and such but for now I have a 15 month one year old....LOL. Confusing I know.

Weight and height B is on track for his real age, 15 months. Developmentally B is very behind but that's OK, he's making the rules on that one.

Tomorrow, the 19th, is the day last we took B home fro the NICU. I remember how happy and scary that day was. At the time we didn't know B would be readmitted but we were just so happy to get him home.

 Heading home from the NICU

Saying goodbye to our favorite nurse Sarah. We still keep in contact.

Thursday, November 17

World Prematurity Day

I am joining the millions who are using today to raise awareness of prematurity. It is a cause that sits very close to our hearts. Most people know someone who has had a premmie as 1 in 8 babies are born too soon, but most people don't know the reality of living through having a preemie. I want to one day make sure no one has to live through that.

Spread the word. Know the facts and signs. No one is invincible, I thought I was until one day my son was born early and quick!

Keep fighting for babies!!

Tuesday, November 15

Oh Christmas Tree

40 days till Christmas and the tree and decorations are up!!!

When I was younger I used to hate putting the tree up until after my birthday (Dec 9). Now I cant get it up fast enough. Some people crinkle there noses and say it's too early but the early it goes up the longer you get to enjoy it!

B even sported his holiday shirt today while I tried to take some pics for the Christmas cards. I love this one the most of any Etsy shirt I have ordered! (found here)

So I can't wait to stuff my belly on Thanksgiving but I am more excited that Christmas (and my birthday) are right around the corner.

Sunday, November 13


*HI I'm Heather and I'm a bad blogger!

*My Christmas stuff is out and ready to go up. Yup I'm well aware it's still 2 weeks out for Thanksgiving but I like to do it early!! My house already smells like trees from my Yankee candles!

*I bought and wrapped a few xmas gifts today. The mall had great sales and I try to get all my shopping done before Dec when the mall is just a mad house. B was helping me wrap.

*B met his great grandma for the first time. My step dads mom, she was in town for his 50th birthday!!

*I realized this weekend just how evil even the smallest amount of gluten is for someone with Celiac. It somehow snuck into my food and I thought I was going to die. TMI and out of the porcelain room for 4 hours and I finally was able to sleep. My stomach was a mess!

*My birthday is in 3 weeks!

*I love B's new shirt, Etsy of course. Found here.

*We finally found a car we like. A 2008 Mazda 6, silver. D is going to look at it this week.

*B started getting a cold on Friday and now my throat is sore. I was hoping to avoid the dreaded pre-winter virus. No such luck! Hopefully it leaves quickly.

*I am dying for Chinese food. 98% of it is loaded with the dreaded G word but I want some fried rice!!!

Monday, November 7

A weekend in Southern IL

D and I left Friday morning and headed to Southern IL (Marion) to watch my college sorority sister get married.

We dropped little man off at Mema and Papas and made the 6 hour drive south. Let me tell you I made this drive many many times in college and it was just as boring as ever. Central IL is SO boring, it's all fields and farms!

Giant cross in Effingham IL

Friday night was the rehersal and then Saturday we got to the fun day!

 Runaway bridesmaids. We had an hour to kill after pictures before the ceremony so naturally we all went to the local bar!

 My friend Sarah

We had a great weekend away. I saw old friends I hadn't seen in years. We drank too much and realized in the morning we aren't 21 anymore, LOL. All in all a great weekend, lots of driving, and some adult fun time! I could not wait to get home on Sunday to see my B, missed him like crazy!

Thursday, November 3

A Dr filled day

Yesterday B and I headed to Milwaukee (one hour north) for his follow up appointments.  I usually go with D but he needed to be at work yesterday. Mom alone with baby for all day Dr appointments equals Murphys Law!

When B needed to eat he wasn't having it. Luckily they let me use an empty room to feed him in quiet while we waited for our second appt. Our neurosurgeon wanted to get a last minute MRI. We had to wait extra long for insurance approval and then wait to be squeezed in for an MRI. All the mean time I'm slightly freaked that he needed an MRI. Since the MRI wasn't planned I didn't bring another bottle or snacks for me, so we are both tired, hungry, and cranky! On the way home the truck in front of me caught on fire, no joke, his wheel well was in flames!

Needless to say I took a long bath last night and relaxed once D got home. I was pooped!

The good news is B looks great. They called with his MRI results and everything looks great!! Maybe next time I plan all his apts in one day I'll bring a buddy or at least more food!

B tried to sneak in some naps while we waited.

Tuesday, November 1

Prematurity Awareness Month

November is here and it's Prematurity Awareness Month. With Nov 17th being awareness day.

The March of Dimes is working hard to educate people about prematurity and the costs it can have on a family.

Every year, more than half a million babies are born too soon in the United States. Our country’s premature birth rate has risen by 36 percent over the last 25 years. That’s serious cause for concern.

Premature birth costs society more than $26 billion a year and takes a high toll on families. Babies born just a few weeks early are at risk of severe health problems and lifelong disabilities. Premature birth is the number 1 killer of newborns. 

These facts are just crazy to me. Most people at least know someone who has been affected by a premature infant if they themselves have not been directly affected. Most women, including myself, were oblivious to ever having anything other than a healthy full term baby. Unfortunately this is not always the case and awareness is the best way to educate.

Like me, 40% of women will never know why they delivered early. Sometimes it just happens and happens quick. The March of Dimes is working to wipe out the unknown and  make it preventable.

While many preemies don't make it, we are fortunate to have B here with us to keep. Brayden survived but will have lifelong disabilities as a direct result from being premature.

Please join in the fight to help all babies be born full term and healthy. Know the signs, get educated, and spread the word about preemies!

Brayden-1 day old