Sunday, February 19

Seriously teeth, where the F are you?

I got teeth late. I was 13 months when I got my first. D was 6 months old. I expected B to teeth late but he is 17 months and NO teeth. NOT ONE!!! Seriously? I'm half convinced the kid is going through life toothless.

He'll have a fussy night and I get all excited, maybe a tooth? And nothing! I have been saying he is teething for a year and still my little man has a gummy grin! (which I do love)

He doesn't chew on toys which can delay teeth. Chewing helps kiddos pop teeth through. When he had his swallow study done last September we saw all his teeth in x-ray under the gums so I know they are there, they just want to stay there!

Anyone have kiddos who got teeth late?

B has his 18 months check up in two weeks and we can ask the pediatrician her thoughts. Until then we will teach B that chew toys are fun!!


-Lauren said...

Love the title of this post! They will pop through soon.

Jamie said...

Hi. I have a 22 month old son with 7 teeth- two top front, one bottom, and 4 molars. His first tooth came just after he turned 18 months. I also got my teeth late at 13 months but I took Jayden to his 18 month appt with no teeth and the dr. seemed worried. He talked to a pediatric dentist who says no teeth is OK until they turn two.

Tiff said...

Start brushing them gums! Ha! :) I miss that gum smile! T started cutting at 3 months! I figured it was that high cal formula. I guess I am wrong, since b was a neurosure baby too!

Melissa said...

All of my children except 1 got their teeth late. One was close to 20 months when all the sudden he had like 8 teeth at one time and the rest followed close behind. It takes time but they will be there before you know it.

Christina said...

Hey! Don't worry..they will come thru. My cousin's little girl didn't get her FIRST tooth until she was almost 2!!

Alice said...

Every kid is different, so I wouldn't be worried.
Do you have a pediatric dentist that you could take him to see?
Do you have one of those little finger brushes that you could use to brush his gums? My kids loved that because they massaged them.
He is so adorable and I bet his gummy smile is so cute.

Kelly said...

So funny! Did B get his haircut again? It look particularly well groomed (unlike Xandy's mullet)

Baju Muslim said...

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