Wednesday, March 28


*I get the worst blogger of the year award. This girl right here!!

*The weather here is really screwy. 85* one day and 50* the next. Pick a temp Chicago and stick with it.

*The 'top knot' has become my lazy mom staple hair style.

*I'm in love with these flats, thanks to Pinterest of course. They look so comfy and they fold up!

*I danced so much at a wedding Sat night that my calves are still hurting...even with Alieve. Apparently dancing with the stars is not in my future!

*Our March for Babies team has hit it's goal of $5000!! We were fortunate to have a sponsor match this year and he just matched our $2500. I feel so blessed to have raised so much for such a great cause. We still have a month to go. If you would like to donated to this cause please visit the link on my left sidebar!!

*I think B is FINALLY teething. His top gums are really swollen. Although I'm half convinced he is NEVER getting teeth.

*After my bath the other night I walked into the family room to find this? Twinkies!!! Ahhhh!!

*Happy Wednesday!


Brandy said...

Those shoes are so cute!

Crystal Renee said...

Love the March of Dimes. They helped save my babies! I sale the March of Dimes magnets to donate money to the charity!! He is precious! And NC has the same darn weather.. ugh!

Caroline said...

Yay for your March of Dimes team and to B getting teeth! He's such the little cutie. And I love those flats!

Kristen at First Name Smith said...

so so sweet! (and the fun begins with the teething... awesome :(

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

So excited for your match donation to March of Dimes, that's AMAZING!!!!!! Miss you girlie, hope things are going okay.