Monday, March 19


Maybe I should say summer! It has been 70+* here which is way over the norm. And it's still technically winter! It has been awesome!!

Flowers are sprouting, everyone is out and about, summer clothes are coming out, and some much needed vitamin D is being welcomed. We had the most amazing weather this weekend and we were crazy busy but it was wonderful!

Given the unseasonably hot weather I had to make an emergency trip to Old Navy to get little man some Spring clothes because his summer clothes are still too big. Thank god for sales and coupons!

The jogging stroller has been dusted off and already getting good use.

Errands with mom and dad and all the fresh air makes for one pooped baby.

St Patties we had a sitter for a few hours and went out for a few drinks, some much needed adult time.

The nice weather will surely cool off a bit but I'm grateful for what we've had and either way it's Spring!!!!


Mrs. Newlywed Giggles said...

Love that last picture!

Just Jennifer said...

Thank goodness for babies that get tired shopping! :) Sounds about perfect up there right now- enjoy!

Caroline said...

Loving this wonderful weather too!

Jen said...

YOu look so great in that last pic. Love it. I was at Oakbrook this weekend and realized that we need to look at our calendars and pick a day where we can meet for some coffee!! Even if we have to bring the kiddos :) I also have a season pass to Brookfield Zoo and I get kids and an adult in free each time?? :-)

Allie said...

havent read your blog in ages but Im so happy to see your beautiful baby boy is doing so well!!! He is growing up so big and adorable!:) Blessings to you guys!

Tiff said...

I adore his St. Patty's Day shirt. And I need an emergency trip to Old Navy too!

This warm weather makes me wanna shop! :)