Friday, November 16

Friday Randoms

First let me announce my giveaway winners:

Personalized blanket

Thirty-One Tote and Target CG

Congrats ladies. Shoot me an email. livelovelaughblog(at) yahoo(dot)com

*My birthday is creeping up on me...3 weeks till 30!

*My parents are having a mini thanksgiving Sunday because they will be out of town next week. Excited for early turkey!!
*Sleepy goodness.

*Sunday was lazy around here. I had a sleeping kiddo in my lap and a sleeping hubby to my right. LOL.

*Feeding a half nakey babe...pants are for the birds!

Happy Friday!!


Tari said...

Oh my gosh!!! Thank you so much! Just sent you an email!!! :)

J and A said...

No way!! :) Thank you!! That play structure is awesome you guys made!!

Traci said...

That is one sweet looking activity center. I kind of want to lay there with and play with those toys!

Kenzie said...

Happy Friday Heather! Have a happy weekend! :)