Friday, November 9

Friday Randoms

*B got a new therapy item, his head control collar. It looks like a torture devise, as most special needs equipment does, but this thing is awesome for kiddos with head control issues.

*B has the sweetest-silliest personality. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

*SB holiday cups are out and I got my first one this week. The holidays can now start...and my tree may be going up this weekend.

*Sweet sleeping kiddo was a super napper all week!!

*My new fave color is this awesome Butter London red glitter, Chancer.

*I turn 30 in exactly ONE MONTH....holy batman! It's more daunting the closer it gets.

*We have been crunching numbers, re-budgeting, and trying to figure out new insurance...why can't they make it easier? Or better yet free!

*Be sure to check me out today at Jaimies blog. She asked me to write about my experience with a special needs child.

Happy Friday!


Leah said...

Love that polish, very festive. YAY for great naps & I love seeing all of Brayden's smiles. I wish my hubby would let me put our tree up!

LC said...

Love that sweet smile! Warms my heart:)

Kenzie said...

I love love love that nail color! How perfect for the holiday season... :-) Hope you had a wonderful Saturday!!!