Friday, December 28

Friday Randoms

*The flu sucks. Period. The end. And having the flu while taking care of a toddler with the flu. I think moms deserve awards!

*All I want to do is sleep and it's taking every ounce of energy to stay up and keep kiddo fed and alive. Looking forward to sleeping all weekend!

*B had an EEG scheduled today but once they caught wind he had the flu they axed that appointment. Really I'm glad I'm not lugging munchkin around today trying to get a test done. No thank you.

*We have no NYE plans. Low key night at home for us. Hopefully I will feel better otherwise I will be passed out at midnight!

*I have a 5k fresh start for the new year run/walk on Saturday am. I was excited for this event with the hubs but now I may be a no show. An hour outside in 30* with the flu...might kill me.

*Little man is in much better spirits and I am determined to wash the sick away each day. Typically an every 3 days bath kind of kiddo is super clean.

*i have a lot of new sponsors this month...check them out. A giveaway coming next month for Datevitation

*We got our first snow...over it already.

*Happy Friday...and happy new year!!!


Jennifer said...

I hope you guys feel better soon!!!

Hilary Lane said...

Ugh, I hope you guys both feel better soon! I had The Crud two weeks ago and can't imagine having to take care of someone else while suffering through it. You moms amaze me! :-)

Jess @ Wrangling Chaos said...

flu kid + flu mom= deserving of a medal

been there. It's the least fun thing ever.

Rachel said...

Hope you feel better!! Our NYE will probably be the same... super laid back and spent at home. :)

Nantucket Daffodil said...

Feel better my friends!

Anonymous said...

You are one amazing lady and deserve a big award. Taking care of another person when you feel like crap has got to be one of the most challenging things to do. My hats off to you!

- Katie (

Jaimie said...

FYI you made an appearance in my blog post today. :-) Happy New years to you and your perfect family!

Anonymous said...

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