Monday, August 26

37 weeks

We made it to FULL TERM!!!

Feeling big and uncomfortable! 

Breech. Her head is hurting my left rib. Feel like I'm always taking a deep breath to catch my breath.

Craving quesadillas and quac. Root beer floats.

C section set for Sept 10...if she doesn't come sooner.

Contractions are getting stronger, nothing regular.

Sleep is not great. I'll have a contraction that squeezes my bladder and wakes me up every two hours. 

Weird dreams. I dreamt I gave birth to a cat?!? wtf?

I have been living in dresses. Pants feel like a straight jacket. I guess it helps that it's 90* here.

Stay tuned in case she comes sooner. Check out my Instagram for updates (heather1209).


Kenya said...

Thinking of you!

Kim said...

Did you get your cerclage removed? If not when will that happen? So happy you are full term!! Congrats!

Jen Watts said...

Yay!! You look great!