Tuesday, November 12

2 months old

Ok kiddo seriously, I want to keep you tiny.

Which we surpassed about 4 weeks ago. Girlfriend has had a major growth spurt and looks like a 4 mo old to me. She looks bigger in pictures and is still a new little babe but holy cow she's big for 2 months.

She did her first 8 hour sleep stretch on Sunday night but last night was back to 6 hours. Getting there.

Wearing 3-6mo clothes, 6mo Carters are a little long. Size 2 diapers, we just busted out this weekend.

Looks like dad some angles, look like me some angles, look like her grandmas some angles. A good mix we have settled on.

Nursing 8-11 times a day. Takes 4-5 oz when she gets a bottle. Nurses once at night, around 2:30am.

Blow out queen lately. Hopefully the bigger diapers help.

Loves her swing. Trying to do crib naps, the longest has been 30 min so far.

We joke how serious she is, always with the crinkled forhead-eyebrows. She has her moments of smiling and she's a little flirt.

She had the Dr today and took her shots like a champ. Fussed for a few minutes then passed out in the car seat.

12lb 1oz (63%)
24" (91%)


Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

She is too sweet! And tall! It's amazing how fast they grow! As much as I am enjoying the one on one late night nursing sessions with my baby, I'm a little jealous of your long stretches! Looks like we're hitting a growth spurt and suddenly back to every 2 hours!

"B" said...

That was the fastest two months EVER! She is gorgeous.

Nat said...

Seriously I love her little faces!! She looks way too big in that second to last photo in the chair!
Sounds like things are going well with sleep!

Wildali @ These are the times... said...

She sure looks grown up! I think she looks a LOT like B. SO CUTE!

Shae said...

She sure does look like a 4 month old. Strong & healthy, though. Good job, mom! She's beautiful!!!

Kenya said...

The second to last picture... OMG so freaking adorable!

Dianna said...

She is just adorable!!

rosedel said...

In the sitting up, facing the camera pose she looks like she's ready to order a martini! She is adorable.

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Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

look at your lil lady!! ohmygoodness....she's grown so fast!

Ashley said...

She's gorgeous oh man!

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