Wednesday, December 18

Catch up

Our holiday season has been great so far. We wanted to make a point to focus on us and our family and what we want. Makes for a much less stressful holiday season. 

We are excited for our first xmas as a family of four and having Riley's first xmas.

So what are we up to....

I celebrated my 31st birthday (12-9). I was gifted a spa day from my family and it was heaven. I decided to chop 6in off my hair and do some ombre. Love it. Change is good.

I have been working out like crazy and my scale isn't moving. Loosing the baby weight has been such a process for me. It has taken me awhile to get back in shape from being on bed rest and I feel good. I gained 48lbs during pregnancy and I have 22 to go.

I am still nursing. It's going really well, Riley has only had breast milk and that makes me proud. We plan to see how she is at 5 months and maybe start introducing foods. Babies dont need anything other than breast milk until 6 mo so we may wait until then, no rush.

I recently started the blood type diet. My mom has been doing it since April and lost weight and has noticed a huge difference. So far I feel great, I do notice more energy and my skin has really changed (I am prone to breakouts). I am already GF and my type (A) suggests no (cow) dairy so that's been the biggest change. Good thing creamer is dairy free and I love goat cheese. We'll see how it goes.

 D is getting over the flu/food poisoning. We aren't sure what it was. he doesn't have much time off over xmas but we plan to enjoy our long weekend.

Brayden has been doing well. He's adjusted to his sister and life at school. He loves school!! We see such a change in him wanting to explore his world more and gaining more awareness. 

He has recently been having issues with drool, our Dr said this may be an issue. He has a bad rash on his face from the drool/cold weather. We are going to try a Rx and see if it helps him.

He is having a 24 hour EEG on Friday. They are setting him up at our home. This is just routine to check to make sure he isn't having seizures we can't see.

Miss Riley is changing everyday. She has brought us so much joy. We are currently working on sleeping/napping/self soothing. She is doing well getting on a's still a work in process. I have been asked to put a post together on our process, coming soon.

She is so aware and alert lately and grabbing toys. Everything is in her mouth now! She just learned to suck her thumb last night. The baby babble is so cute, she likes to chat after nursing.


Laura @ The Everyday Joys said...

Heather, she is so precious! Your hair looks great. I could use a spa day! ;) You so deserve it. And yay for making it 5 months already! It's such a great feeling to have nursing work out. We're going on 9 months, and I'm so happy (and so is our bank account...haha).

Kenya said...

Love the haircut and so glad you are doing well!!! Hope your holidays are fab.

Malissa said...

Your hair looks awesome! I gave up dairy because it was bothering my daughter's stomach. You might ask your doctor or read about adding a calcium +D supplement, especially while you're breastfeeding. Before I added the supplement I started having muscle spasms in my back and it was because of a calcium deficiency. It sucked!

Traci said...

She is adorable! I love the thumb in her mouth, so cute!

Anonymous said...

I have actually had a similar experience cutting out dairy. I realized almost 2 years ago that it was having a bad effect on me. Since then I have noticed a lot of improvements. I've cut out gluten too because there is a high correlation between gluten and dairy allergies (way more than you would think).

Those two are so adorable, I'm glad you are all adjusting well!

Jess Norden said...

You look great, Riley is adorable and B is happy, as always! I cut cow's milk out of my diet and feel SO MUCH BETTER. I have to look into the rest of the diet.

Good luck with Brayden's EEG...I will be thinking of you all!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

What a sweet update on your precious little fam!! You are looking great! xo

Jaimie said...

Oh, drool. We've have been down that road. Just got done with Botox.... Tried the rx with no luck. I hope the rx works for him. The Botox hasn't done enough for Karsen, not sure what's next. And I LOVE your hair!

Karen said...

Your hair looks great! It makes me want to chop off my hair too!

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